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A collaborator and friend of the artist Zanele Muholi was pushed down a staircase at an Airbnb in Amsterdam on Saturday. Muholi posted a video on Instagram that showed her friend, the writer and filmmaker Sibahle Nkumbi, being shoved by the husband of her Airbnb host as he says “out now.” Nkumbi, a South African student currently based in Switzerland, was taken to the hospital, interviewed by police, and later released; she suffered multiple bruises and a concussion. Her unnamed, 47-year-old assailant has since been charged with attempted manslaughter, according to Huffington Post South Africa.


“All he had to say was, ‘leave now,’” she said in a video interview with journalist Kevin P. Roberson. Instead, Nkumbi said, he yelled: “You people, you are not the great artist that you think you are. You are not the queen that you think you are. This is not Africa. You need to leave now.” Nkumbi and her colleagues were in the process of checking out of an Airbnb apartment managed by the attacker’s wife. They were in Amsterdam to attend the opening of Muholi’s exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum.


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